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1. Are your attorneys Board Certified trial lawyers?

RisCassi & Davis, P.C., is proud that seven attorneys in our firm have been certified as Civil Trial Advocates by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. James D. Bartolini, John J. Houlihan, Jr., Eugene K. Swain, David W. Cooney, Michael C. Jainchill, Andrew S. Groher and Paul M. Iannaccone have all achieved this distinction, awarded after compiling extensive trial experience and passing a written examination. Learn more about board certification here: http://www.nbtalawyers.org/why-board-certification

2. How many of your personal injury attorneys have been admitted into the American College of Trial Lawyers?

William R. Davis, James D. Bartolini, Paul M. Iannaccone, Michael C. Jainchill and John J. Houlihan, Jr., have all been honored by admission into the American College of Trial Lawyers. The American College is a professional society of Fellows who become members only by invitation, with admission limited to experienced, outstanding trial lawyers who are unquestionably and eminently qualified as actively engaged trial lawyers. Only 1% of all trial lawyers in any state are offered admission as members into the College. Learn more about the American College of Trial Lawyers here: https://www.actl.com/content/membership

3. How many of your personal injury attorneys have been named trial advocates by the American Board of Trial Advocates?

James D. Bartolini, David W. Cooney, William R. Davis, Andrew S. Groher, John J. Houlihan, Jr., Michael C. Jainchill and Eugene K. Swain have all been named Trial Advocates by ABOTA. ABOTA is an organization that requires its members to be responsible for elevating the standards of integrity, honor, ethics, civility and courtesy in the legal profession. Learn more about the American Board of Trial Advocates here: https://www.abota.org/index.cfm?pg=HowToJoin

4. How many of your lawyers have been selected as James W. Cooper Fellows?

Kathryn A. Calibey, David W. Cooney, Andrew S. Groher, John J. Houlihan, Jr., and Michael C. Jainchill have all been selected by the Connecticut Bar Foundation as James W. Cooper Fellows for their superior legal ability and devotion to the community, state and nation, as well as, the advancement of the legal profession. Learn more about James W. Cooper Fellows here: https://www.ctbarfdn.org/criteriaselection

5. How many personal injury cases have you taken to trial and won?

As a firm, RisCassi & Davis has taken hundreds and hundreds of cases to trial, an impressive number successfully.

6. Who are your experts and what are your resources to help bring in the best results?

The resources of RisCassi & Davis, P.C. are directed at serving our individual clients and achieving a just resolution under the law. Because of the complexity of certain cases, several attorneys may work together on a client's behalf. A client may also have personal contact with our paralegals, secretaries, law clerks, and investigators who become involved in the research and preparation of their case. We have a nurse paralegal available to assist in the review of medical records. Throughout its history, RisCassi & Davis, P.C. has been blessed with a dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us for decades. Together, our team focuses on the specific needs of our injured clients. Read more

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